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Legislative District 33 Votes to Censure

GOP Legislative District 33 Votes to Censure Representatives Lent and Erickson for Not Following the GOP Platform

As per the new rule, Article XX, adopted by the Idaho Republican party, which was put in place to hold legislators accountable to the professed Republican Party ideals, Legislative District 33 voted to Censure Representatives David Lent and Marco Erickson. The vote to censure was for not following the GOP Platform which they signed and pledged to accept as the standard by which their performance as candidates and officeholders should be evaluated.

Our goal as a legislative district committee is to work with our elected representatives. We are grateful for their dedication and commitment. We urge them to learn more about the principles of natural law upon which the Idaho and U.S. Constitutions and the Republican Party Platform are based and vote in accordance thereof. We also thank the PCOs who studied the objections and cared enough to express their desires and concerns.

More information can be found on the LD 33 webpage at

Jilene Burger
Chair, Republican Legislative District 33
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