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2023 Election Dates

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November 2023 Local Elections

November 7, 2023 Election
Bonneville County, Idaho
Updated 11 September 2023, 1:30pm


Cemetery Districts 4 Year Term
Ammon Commissioner 1 Corey V. Landon
Commissioner 2 Mark Blatter

Central Commissioner 1

Commissioner 2 (Jefferson Co.)
Freedom Commissioner 1 (Caribou Co.)
Commissioner 2 (Caribou Co.)
Iona Commissioner 1 Craig Rockwood
Commissioner 2
Lincoln Commissioner 1 Steven K. Lovell
Commissioner 2
Milo Commissioner 1 Gary K. Bowden
Commissioner 2 Brad R. Jordan
New Sweden Commissioner 1 Roger J. Carlson
Commissioner 2 Jeffrey W. Bryant
Ririe Shelton Commissioner 1 Bert Brown (Jefferson Co.)
Commissioner 2 John Reed (Jefferson Co.)

Swan Valley Commissioner 1 Frank McClure
Commissioner 2 Larry Fleming
Taylor Commissioner 1 Clair N. Fitch
Commissioner 2 Merrill G. Hanny
Ucon Commissioner 1 Tyrell Maughan
Commissioner 2 Jason Andrus
Woodville Commissioner 2 (Bingham Co.)
Commissioner 3 (Bingham Co.)

City Districts 4 Year Term - *2 Year Term
Ammon Councilman Seat 1 Sean Crystal

Scott Wessel

Councilman Seat 3 Debra W. Clapp

Jeff Fullmer
Sid R. Hamberlin

Councilman Seat 4* Robert Loveland

George Vander Meer

Councilman Seat 5 Heidi Boyle

Nolan J. Wheeler

Idaho Falls Councilman Seat 1 Michelle Ziel-Dingman

Councilman Seat 3 Kirk Larsen

Barbara Miller

Councilman Seat 5 Dawna Howard

John Boyd Radford

Iona 2 Council Seats Jeb Casper
Kirsti Cook

Rylea Farrens
Robert J. Geray
Peter J. Wadsworth
Irwin 3 Council Seats Teresa Jan Dumont
Terrie Stromberg
Troy Vias
Ririe Mayor Howard Kimmel
2 Council Seats Robert Johnson
Swan Valley Mayor Cameron Manwaring
2 Council Seats Stacy Crnkovich
Dusty Jacobson
Ucon 2 Council Seats John E. Brasier
Kevin W. Goms
Christopher Paolini

Fire Districts 4 Year Term
Bonneville Alpine Commissioner 3
Bonneville Fire #1 Commissioner 1 Derik Nielsen
Commissioner 2 Dana Kirkham

Jefferson Central Commissioner 1 Dallin B. Gambles (Jefferson Co.)

Commissioner 3 Roger W. Anderson

Commissioner 5 Gordon C. Ball (Jefferson Co.)

Greater Swan Valley Commissioner 2 Ron Frazell

School Districts 4 Year Term
Shelley Joint 60 Trustee Zone 1 Kara J. Higham
Trustee Zone 2 Nicholas J. Tanner
Trustee Zone 3 Cole M Clinger
Idaho Falls 91 Trustee Zone 3 Patrick Jackson
Jordan Oseen

Jeremy Westwood
Trustee Zone 4 Elizabeth Cogliati
Shay Ricks

Trustee Zone 5 Jamie Lea Braithwaite
Melissa LaPray
Hillary Radcliffe
Kari Christine Vogel
Swan Valley 92 Trustee Zone 1 Dusty Jacobson
Trustee Zone 2 Shane R. Liss
Bonneville Joint 93 Trustee Zone 1 Mindy B. Clayton
Trustee Zone 4 Paul LeRoy Jenkins
Mike J. Walker

Soda Springs Joint 150 Trustee Zone 1 Tyler Beardall (Caribou Co.)
Sally Jensen (Caribou Co.)
Trustee Zone 2 Alan G. Erickson (Caribou Co.)
Macie J. John (Caribou Co.)

Trustee Zone 5 Jim Stoor
Ririe Joint 252 Trustee Zone 1 Lee M. Andersen

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