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Local Government Meetings

Be in the know by attending your local city and county meetings. Our Local Government Committee (LGC) is made up of Central Committee members and county residents that are working to inform the public about what takes place in the meetings, and where are hard-earned tax dollars are going. If you are planning to attend any of these meetings, or want to be part of the Local Government Committee, please contact our LGC Chair, Cheryl Papke at (208) 201-8787 or

You can access LGC Reports on our Blog HERE.

City Council

2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at 7:30 PM (A 5th Thursday usually changes the schedule)
680 Park Ave.

Budget meetings are held the Tuesday BEFORE the scheduled meeting at 12:15

Work meetings are held the Monday BEFORE the scheduled meeting at 3:00 PM

City Planning & Zoning Meetings

1st Tuesday of the month 7pm at the City Annex Bldg./Council Chambers

Redevelopment Agency meeting 3rd Thursday 12pm same location.

County Meetings

Wednesdays at 10:00 am Road & Bridge Meeting-public

Bonneville Library District 
Meets every other month on 2nd Wednesday. 3 minute comments from public.

County Offices 529-1350

School Boards

D91 Agenda meeting 1st Wednesday at 4:30, Regular meeting 2nd Wednesday at 6 PM, Work meeting last Wednesday at 4 PM, (208) 525-7500, 690 John Adams Parkway

D93 2 ND Wednesday at 7 PM, Work meetings the last Wednesday at 11:30 AM, (208) 525-4400, 3497 North Ammon Road


(208) 497-1211


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