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Choose your Precinct Officer – Choose your Republican Party

Candidates who volunteer to serve as GOP Precinct Officers are not “opponents”.

If you’re a republican voter, you have an opportunity to choose one of your own neighbors that will be responsible to do the work of the official Republican party organization. All across the state neighborhood precincts will choose Precinct Officers this month, and those decisions matter.

The official Republican Party organization has been growing and becoming more active over recent years in Idaho. People are motivated to defend our liberties in the political arena.

The ranks of volunteers who make up the Idaho Republican organization today are mostly full of grass roots citizens who work hard because they want the party to advance

their values.

Most of the grass roots volunteers who make up the organization want to see Idaho make progress towards lower taxes, traditional family values, and smaller government.

Informed people understand that the GOP is a private organization. Voters who affiliate want the organization to be effective because they care deeply about the important principles of the Republican Platform.

The only reason for the Republican party to exist is to advance the principles of our platform.

Some politicians and special interests want a Republican Party organization that serves their goals. They think that the organization should be a neutral service – almost as if it were part of the government.

Many of the establishment politicians in our state prefer the status quo. They don’t rock the boat much for lower taxes, avoid the culture war, and haven’t reversed big government.

The ranks of Precinct candidates among those who think that way are mostly full of the

politicians themselves or loyal friends and supporters that they’ve recruited. They seek these precinct seats so that they can advance their careers.

This year the opposition to the official Republican Party seems to have reached a fever pitch.

The party critics are well funded and organized because politicians are motivated to take control of the organization.

If you affiliate with the GOP, you have an opportunity coming up. Together with your neighbors, and together with other neighborhood precincts across the state, you will choose the direction of the Republican Party, and that direction matters a great deal.

On May 21st, the Precinct Officer candidates on your ballot represent a “choice”.

Nick Contos, BCRCC Chairman

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