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Upcoming Votes & Legislation

Carolyn Harrison, contributor



February 13, 2023

“Empowering Parents Grant” – The FY2023 “Leading Idaho” Budget provides $50 million for “Empowering Parents Grants” to help families take charge of education expenses for their children. This builds off Governor Little’s previous 2022 “Empowering Parents Grant” program.

SB1038 – The “Education Freedom Act” – This bill will create a universal education savings (ESA) account school-choice program in Idaho. A Senate Education Committee hearing on this bill will take place on February 14, 2023. IPEC is part of this bill’s “Coalition of Support” letter and sent out a “Call-to-Action” email on February 8, 2023, to over 1,000 parents and interested parties, to support this bill.

Co-sponsored by Senator Tammy Nichols and Senator Brian Lenney.

HB71 - “Vulnerable Child Protection Act” – This bill amends existing bill HB114 and was introduced in the House Judiciary, Rules & Administration Committee on February 7, 2023. The new bill prohibits sex change procedures for all children in Idaho, just passed out of House Committee, and is now on its way to the House floor. A similar bill was introduced in 2022; however, the Senate State Affairs Committee did not give it a hearing. On Feb. 14 it passed the House and now goes to the Senate. Contact your Senators!

Co-sponsored by Representative Bruce Skaug and Senator Lori Den Hartog.

HB24 – This bill would expand the Idaho Launch Program to include an $8,500 scholarship for graduating Idaho high school seniors, beginning in 2024. The bill passed the House on February 6, 2023, by a 36 to 34 vote and will now be moving on to the Senate.

RS (Routing Slip) 30092 – Senator Lori Den Hartog introduced this draft (possible) bill legislation to increase financing of public Charter Schools.

RS30094 – Senator Lori Den Hartog introduced this draft (possible) bill legislation to implement a new financing tool for Charter Schools.

SB1042 - Sponsored by Senator Lori Den Hartog and Senator Chuck Winder, SB1042 amends existing law to exempt certain public charter schools from having to demonstrate strong academic results to qualify for the Public Charter School Facilities Program and to revise a limitation on issuing bonds under the Public Charter School Facilities Program.

SB1043 – Sponsored by Senator Lori Den Hartog and Senator Chuck Winder, this bill repeals and adds to existing law to remove the Public Charter School Debt Reserve Fund and to provide for a revolving loan fund.

SJR102 (Senate Joint Resolution) – Proposed the Blaine Amendment for the Idaho State Constitution be repealed. Blaine Amendment prohibits tax dollars to be distributed to sectarian entities, including schools with religious purposes. Two U.S. Supreme Court rulings struck down this Amendment; SJR102 officially strikes down the Blaine Amendment in Idaho.

Children’s School and Library Protection Act – This legislation was introduced on February 13, 2023, in the House State Affairs Committee. This bill will create a statewide policy that prohibits schools and libraries from distributing pornographic material to minor children. Any violation of the policy would result in civil liability for the offending institution.

Co-sponsored by Senator Cindy Carlson and Representative Jaron Crane.



February 13, 2023

Protecting the Privacy and Safety of Students in Schools – This legislation

o Ensures that public schools maintain separate bathroom and changing facilities for biological boys and biological girls, and o Provides that public schools offer reasonable accommodations — like single-occupancy facilities — to any student who is unwilling or unable to use the facility designated for their biological sex.

The Senate Education Committee introduced this new legislation today; a full committee hearing is forthcoming.

Co-sponsored by Senator Ben Adams and Representative Ted Hill.

Also, keep an eye on S 1009 regarding health rights, and S 1029 dealing with removal of a child from parental custody based on immunization status.


On March 14, 2023 there will be a vote for a six million eight hundred thousand ($6,800,000) supplemental levy in Bonneville School District 91.

Voting in FAVOR of the levy will maintain the current tax. A vote AGAINST the levy could lower taxes.

Remember to go vote on March 14!

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