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BCRCC Meeting Report

Meeting attended: ___City Council Meeting for 28 March 2024; 7:30 p.m.

Reporter: ___F3

Date: __28 March 2024

Items discussed/ What stood out to you?

The agenda was as follows:

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Pledge of Allegiance

3.0 Consent of Agenda

4.0 Public Comment: None this evening from the public attendees. However the Mayor discussed something that Council Radford apparently mentioned in another meeting. She was somewhat annoyed that he had commented that the Consent agenda does not include costs of the items, and he felt that this would appear to be hiding this information from the public. The Mayor rebutted that this was not true, and that the cost information, as well as other background information on the items, are contained in a longer more detailed document called the “Packet”, which is available on line for those interested. This was the end of the comment period.

5.0 Consent Agenda (all of the following items in this section were approved with no comment or discussion as a group, and are accepted on one vote):

5.1 Office of the Mayor; Appointments to City Boards and Commissions

5.2 Municipal Services;

- Impact Fee Advisory Committee 2023 Annual Report. Considering the issues with this topic a few weeks ago, this report should be read.

- Purchase of Superpave Hot Mix Asphalt for Public Works

- 2024 Concrete Replacement for Public Works

- 2024 Water Line Surface Repair for Public Works

- Electrical and Variable Frequency Drive Equipment for Well 13 Project

- Treasurers Report for 2024

5.3 Public Works; Bid award for Seal Coats for 2024; Bid award for Pancheri Bridge Rehabilitation

5.4 Idaho Falls Power;

- Sugar Mill Substation Upgrade, Transformer Purchase

- Idaho Falls Power Board Meeting Minutes

5.5 Office of the City Clerk; Minutes from Special Meeting, Budget Planning Meeting. If available on line, this should also be looked at.

6.0 Regular Agenda:

6.1 Bid rejection; Brodbecks Addition Waterline Improvements 2024. On 18 March

Bids were opened for this improvement project. The only bid received was $1.2 million over the city engineer’s estimate. The council rejected the bid on a unanimous vote. The project will be bid again in 2025. The bid was from Knife River.

Action items? (i.e. upcoming events, votes, things we need to be aware of?)

The mayor announced that in May there would be a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new I. F. City Police building which is no completed.

There would also be tours of the waste water plant coming soon if anyone is interested.

Additional notes: This meeting was very short, and only lasted for 45 minutes, which was refreshing.

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