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Input Welcomed

by: Cheryl Papke

Claire Pincock contacted me and was reading over the Reports turned in regarding City Planning and Zoning and City Council. She helps create city plans as a part of her Acoustical Consulting job. Let me quote Claire, "We very often have cities as clients and we help them to develop noise elements of their city/county plans. My main job is to ensure that the buildout of their plan doesn’t result in noise issues for existing developments. Noise gets really technical, so if a city is developing noise guidelines or an ordinance and they don’t have a solid background in acoustics they can really mess up their city plan!


Our city doesn’t talk about noise in the plan, but during the outreach a lot of citizens talked about noise being a serious recent issue. I’ve volunteered my time with the planning department and city council to tell them about the things I’ve seen that work and don’t work when planning for noise. Too strict with your noise planning and you hinder development. Too loose with your noise planning and you make the community an uncomfortable place to live (and inevitably waste precious officer time with noise complaints)."

That gives you an idea of Claire's role. And she welcomes your input.

"(Good) planners love it when citizens get involved in these documents, and they’re meant to constantly change and grow. Encouraging the committee and all our constituents to read these documents and send feedback to the planning commission would be a huge service to our city!"

Here is the document for you all to go over "Imagine IF"

If anyone would like to contact Claire directely she has given me permission to give out her contact info.

Regular Meetings

  • 7:00 p.m.

  • 1st Tuesday of every month

  • City Council Chambers 680 Park Avenue Idaho Falls, ID 83402


ACTION: It is important to continue to going to local county and city meetings, understanding what is going on in the city where you live and work, engaging in dialogue, and bringing other perspectives to our Representatives. Many of you study issues, and are very engaged, your information you bring to the table is invaluable, stay strong in your efforts and help keep the citizenry informed!

In September 1787, Elizabeth Willing Powel approached Benjamin Franklin after the signing of the Constitution and asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” Franklin famously answered, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Shine the Light

Cheryl Papke

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