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Good People Unite

We have the clues to how Colorado “Solid Red” turned blue.  As Presented in the acticle by Epoch Times below. These were incremental steps away from a Constitutional Republic, giving power of ideas to NGO’S.   Recently I was at two very different events and the Mantra is we are “Ruby Red” or that we have solid “Red” voters moving into Idaho.  Let’s not be deceived and find the truth, encourage our Legislators and put the power of “We the People” behind them to stand against NGO’S coming in.  I am reminded of the quote regarding the Titanic Creators, April 15, 1912: 'God Himself Could Not Sink This Ship'.  I have studied the Titanic and it was “man’s error and judgment” to give the order to turn the ship which made the slash into multiple compartments that allowed the ocean to pour in that finally sank the ship.   The hubris of man that he has created the infallible solution.  So I implore everyone to look at these steps that have come in, push back and protect our State of Idaho and the Constitutional Republic of America.


State of Idaho Constitution

Article 1  Section 1 and 2


Democrats turned Colorado Blue 

Epoch Times

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