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Idaho Falls Planning Commission

Reporter I3

March 5, 2024

Public Hearings

1. APPROVED- Annexation and initial zoning- Central commercial project for property located north of the Mountain America Center east of Interstate 15, south of interstate 15, west of Pioneer Rd.

2. APPROVED- Rezone from I&M Industrial and Manufacturing to HC High Commercial. Located north of Sunnyside Rd, east of the Snake River, south of Pancheri Drive, west of South Yellowstone Ave.

3. APPROVED- Planned Unit Development for the Reserve at Snake River Landing Phase II. Located N of West Sunnyside Rd, east of Pioneer Rd, south of Event Center Drive, west of Snake River. 227 units with 9.96 units/acre well under mandatory of 35 units/acre. It is a community being built by Ball Ventures. R3A zoning. 470 parking stalls, 13 stalls for the clubhouse, and 15 extra stalls. The units will be 3-4 bedrooms. There will be on street parking. It will be built in 5 phases with 1 amenity in the first phase. They will be 2-3 story buildings. It will be a walkable and multi-family development. There will be a clubhouse, walking trails, hot tubs, pool, tennis courts and tot lots. They will be built as duplexes and up to 7-plexes. Side by side with front or rear garages and alleys.


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