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Choose Your Party

An important choice is coming up in May.

It's not the President, or the Governor. No, it's your neighborhood Precinct Officer. 

This May, affiliated Republican voters in Idaho will choose whether their political party is a

grassroots organization standing for platform principles like low taxes, traditional values, and

free markets . . . or whether their political party will be a tool in the service of lobbyists,

politicians, and special interests. 

For months, rumors have persisted of certain unhappy politicians secretly planning to upset their own party organizations in Idaho and here in Bonneville. After ugly mudslinging via anonymous publications before the Presidential Caucus, now confirmation that’s likely just the beginning.

Apparently, a group of lobbyists, politicians, and donors hired professional political operatives

nine month ago that have recruited and reportedly gathered over ONE MILLION DOLLARS of dark money with the intent of using it to oust current party volunteers in favor of ones loyal to their own agendas.

Because political party organizations are entirely voluntary, when too few patriots choose to

participate, it’s sometimes possible for special interests to essentially “buy” a political party to

their own liking. This unfortunate reality sometimes causes people to despise parties because

they see them as nothing more than unprincipled loyal supporters of the power-hungry

politicians. I pray that reality never occurs in Idaho or Bonneville County.

Like it or not, political party organizations are important. Freedom depends on active informed citizen participation. Americans understand the principle of self-government, and our right to petition our government is severely limited if citizens cannot effectively associate and work together in the world of politics. Alone our voices are lost in the wind, but when we do the hard work of organizing, we can make a real impact. The Bonneville GOP has made a real impact in our state precisely because of the active participation that happens here.

The Bonneville County Republican Party will continue to welcome all volunteers who wish to

advance the principles of the Republican Platform. Participation in the GOP has been steadily

growing over the years in Bonneville, but as a volunteer organization, we always need more

help, and we thank anyone who encourages and inspires more people to participate.

As a party, we welcome reinforcements to our cause. As individuals, each registered republican

voter will have choices to make. The decision, about which of your neighbors should be selected to serve as a Precinct Officer, will determine the direction of your party. In turn, the party’s direction will impact our laws, our freedom, and our children’s children. Inform yourself and choose wisely.

The deadline to volunteer as a Precinct Officer year is Friday March 15th , and those passionate about Republican values are needed. More info is available at and candidates file at the county election office.

Eastern Idaho is a wonderful place with incredible people who are overwhelmingly conservative

supporters of freedom. I believe in the people of our community, but freedom is never free. It’s

essential that good people step up, and that between now and May, citizens get to know those

who are seeking to become the Precinct Officers making up their local political parties.

--- Nicholas Contos

Bonneville Country Republican Party Chairman

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