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Will Taxpayer $ Go to Special Interests?

Doyle Beck, LD 32 Chairman, contributor

Tomorrow, March 7, House Bill 24, which would create a new program to give $8,500 to high school graduates training in so-called "in-demand careers," will be considered by the Senate Commerce Committee. If you'd like to testify on the bill, click here. The bill is supported by the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry and Idaho Business for Education. The Idaho Freedom Foundation and Frank Vandersloot are the most significant opposition.

We are still awaiting a hearing on House Bill 71, which would prohibit gender "reassignment" procedures on minors. Contact the chairman of the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee, Todd Lakey, to let him know your opinion on this legislation.

The Legislature is also expected to discuss a proposal to repeal Medicaid expansion, but so far no hearing has been scheduled. The bill is supported by the Idaho Freedom Foundation but opposed by IACI. Another bill would expand Medicaid to include postpartum women. That bill also has yet to have a hearing.

A bill to end the March presidential primary is awaiting consideration in the Senate. In addition to removing the March election, there is concern that the bill doesn't expressly reinstate the use of the May primary for the consideration of presidential candidates.

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