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VOTE on May 16th!

Local Government Committee (LGC) Report Report DATE: 04-30-2023

LGC Reports are a compilation of notes taken at LG meetings, and information shared with the committee from organizations and community members.

Reports do not reflect the official positions of the Bonneville County Republican Party. We encourage the reader to research information and consider all sides of any issue. The intent of the LGC is to inform citizens of Bonneville County and encourage them to become involved in all levels of their community and local government.


Bonneville’s Best is a chance to recognize the good things happening in our community. Do you know a person or business that is making a positive difference? Please send your short story (one or two small paragraphs) to

We'd like to recognize our own Cheryl Papke, Chair of the Local Government Committee, who faithfully gathers local government information, attending many of the meetings herself at times, and gets that information to the BCRCC. Without her we could not keep our county so well-informed. This is an important service for all Bonneville county residents!



  1. Non-profit 501C6 so is eligible for grants. The downtown historic foundation is under this department. The area is Broadway to C street.

  2. Business improvement district- separate taxing district owned by Idaho Falls. The businesses must petition the city to stay in the district. The businesses are taxed $150-850/ year depending on assessment. Total of $90K total tax per year collected.

  3. Board of directors has 14 seats which consists of property owners, merchants, business owners and a staff of 4 employees one of which is designated for parking monitoring.

  4. Currently there are 2300 residents living in this designated area. More housing is wanted, but parking is an issue.

  5. Secure funds from HUD

  6. Weekly and monthly newsletter available.

  7. Businesses can a apply for a sign, facade or awning grant.

  8. For projects, also able to get funds from the Redevelopment Agency.

  9. $342K was used for the Corner project which put in new planter boxes and curbing. Used recyclable materials and made the planter better for water conservation. Beautification with hanging baskets is done yearly. These may be sponsored for $85 and will have a sign saying who donated the basket. These are up June 1st to October. 95 are available. New street lights were put up. Went from cobra to candlestick design which was better for the residents.

  10. Safety lights are planned for the more dangerous and darken areas of downtown due to there being some issues.

  11. There is also public art which are murals on the side of buildings. There is currently one with pets that is available for $250 each. Can have your pet painted on the building. $25 will go to the animal shelter, $25 to IFDC and the rest to the artist.

  12. Also art benches to sit on. Funding came from local businesses and individuals.

  13. Traffic cabinets are also decorated with art work to make them more attractive.

  14. Many activities year round in the downtown area. Go to the website for up to date listings.

  15. At Christmas there are complimentary trolley rides.

  16. Parking is an issue in this area. They are looking into story parking. There is a map on the website of parking areas. From free 2 hours, pay parking and one parking garage on Broadway.

  17. Hoping to incorporate GIFT as a shuttle

  18. Hoping to expand the area to Pancheri.

  19. 50% +1 needed of the area merchants, etc to start a district.


Parks and Rec Meeting May 1.... 12:00 PM...Maeck Education Center @ the Zoo

Work Session... May 8... 3 PM.... 680 Park Avenue

Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney (Randy Neal) together with local law enforcement and the US Federal Prosecuting Attorney for Idaho , Josh Hurwit May 9...6:30 PM... Thunder Ridge.

May 16 VOTE (see sample ballots under Schools)

***Library Board*** May 17...4 Pm (yes there are pornographic books in our library).

If you attend any of these meetings please wear blue. That is our signature color so they know they are being watched and monitored.

Planning Commission May 2.. 7 PM .... 680 Park Avenue

City wide clean up begins May 4

During the Clean and Green event, unwanted items, will be collected between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the following locations:

o May 4-6, Parks and Recreation maintenance building on Old Butte Road near Clarence Drive

o May 11-13, Russ Freeman Park at the recycling bins near Fremont Avenue and Micro Street

o May 18-20, Mel Erickson Sunnyside Park

o May 25-27, intersection of Bennett Avenue and Waid Street

Thursday April 13, 2023 agenda. There are 2 public hearings scheduled:

1. CDBG Grant (Community Development Block Grant) City of Idaho Falls has been awarded $433,830 from this grant. This is a HUD grant that requires a citizen participation plan that will run from 4-13 to 5-13 and will be discussed and determined in the work meeting on Monday, May 22.

2. Fees for municipal services, sanitation, dump, transit etc...


Voting on bonds and levies on May 16



APRIL 4, 2023

  1. Public Hearing: Annexation/Initial Zoning: Mixed use HC, Highly Commercial; LC, Limited Commercial; and R3A, Residential for property of 166 acres North of E 49th N, east of N 5th E, south of E 65th N and west of US Hwy 20.

When a property is annexed, it must be zoned at the same time. This property is located where the possible ITD connector will occur. There was much debate on the annexation due to the fact that the connector location has not been finalized. The debate was if it made sense and was of value to the city to annex before knowing this information. It was approved except for one nay from Commissioner Dale Storer who felt that it was too early to make a decision on this property due to the ITD connector.

  1. Final plat: approved: this will be entry level detached housing located on 37.372 acres in the southwest of intersection at 5th west and 65th south. 109 lots. The canal may come through the property.

  2. Final plat: approved: 4 buildable lots R2 zoned on property located at north of Lomax St, east of N Wabash Ave, south of Cleveland St, west of N Fanning Ave.

  3. Final plat: approved: 50.971 acres, LC zoned, 3 lots in phases to be developed, property located north of the Sidehill Canal, east of Pioneer Rd, south of Event Center Dr, west of Snake River Pkwy.

It was asked by the commissioners how busy the planning board was, and they responded that things have being slowing down.

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