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Snow Angels in Idaho Falls

Local Government Committee (LGC) Report Report DATE: 1-12-2023

LGC Reports are a compilation of notes taken at LG meetings, and information shared with the committee from organizations and community members.

Reports do not reflect the official positions of the Bonneville County Republican Party. We encourage the reader to research information and consider all sides of any issue. The intent of the LGC is to inform citizens of Bonneville County and encourage them to become involved in all levels of their community and local government.


Bonneville’s Best is a chance to recognize the good things happening in our community. Do you know a person or business that is making a positive difference? Please send your short story (one or two small paragraphs) to

Submitted by Beverly Kingsford

If you are lucky like me, you have a snow angel. Several years ago, while I was recovering from double hip surgery in Pocatello, snow angels showed up on my very long, steep, and snowy driveway to lend a hand to my husband, who already had his hands full helping me through a difficult recovery. I was so touched that these wonderful angels showed up, unsolicited, to lighten our burden. Fast forward to 2023 and it seems my angels followed me to Idaho Falls.

Jim Harris, a quiet and unassuming man, is sure to be seen in our neighborhood every time the snow falls. I am often consumed at my desk with work, but I can tell if the weather is snowy because I hear Jim out on his razor clearing our neighborhood roads (that do not get plowed by the county) and even clearing off my driveway. Angels veiled in flesh do exist. Thank you to all the snow angels looking out for their friends and neighbors during our wonderful Idaho winters!


IDAHO FALLS – The 2023 annual Idaho Falls State of the City Address is just around the corner.

The Greater Idaho Falls Association of Realtors® (GIFAR) is hosting the City of Idaho Falls and Mayor Rebecca Casper for the address. The community is invited to the meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023, at 11:30 a.m., where Mayor Casper will deliver her address.

The event will be held at the Holiday Inn & Suites at 2005 South Fork Boulevard in Idaho Falls. The address is being held in conjunction with a luncheon with meal tickets on sale for $50 at There will also be seats for those who want to attend but not participate in the luncheon. The address will also be live-streamed on City of Idaho Falls’ social media pages.

The City of Idaho Falls recently hired Corrin Wilde to serve as City Clerk.


Immediate opening for District 91 school board

Submitted by Carolyn Harrison

As I was looking for some data about District #91's and District #93's test scores from the Idaho Freedom Foundation's "Liberty in Education and Academic Development" (LEAD) interactive map.

I wanted to make sure all of you knew of this relatively new (objective-information) opportunity to see what's going on in education in the State of Idaho. If you go to the map, you will see it supplies data relating to:

  • IRI (Idaho Reading Indicator) percentage at grade level;

  • ISAT (Idaho Standards Achievement Tests) percentage proficient in English and language arts (ELA);

  • ISAT percentage proficient in math;

  • Statewide percentages in math and reading (4th and 8th grades);

  • Spending/student;

  • Superintendents’ respective salaries;

  • Rainy-day fund amount;

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) personnel;

  • Critical Social Justice (CSJ) incidents; and Nearby Alternative Schools


Submitted by Kathy Kula

Meeting notes from 1/03/2023

1. The commission has new members. First item of business was to elect the chair and vice

a part of this committee before. 9 members present. One of the seats is filled by a city

impact person. This is to cover areas outside of the city but in the path of growth. 5

members needed for a quorum.

2. The only item of business was to approve the final plat of Lambson Automotive located

north of Sunnyside Rd, east of Interstate 15, west of Pioneer Dr. It is 4.05 acres. It was

approved pending the condition of shared use of path on Sunnyside Rd.

The training was conducted by Kerry Beutler, Caitlin Long, David Peterson and Bryan

Stevens. Kerry is the only certified planner. All are city employees.

a. ImagineIF is the plan that is used. It may be accessed at This is

considered a living document and reviewed every 5 years. This drives the zone map

and development decisions.

and petitions and make recommendations to the city council. Preliminary plats are

decided upon and city council is the final decision.

c. As far as petitions go, it was stated that usually there are about 150 signers of a

petition. Since generally those signers are not aware of all or correct information,

petitions are given very little weight.

d. The committee does more of the planning and zoning review than the city council


e. ID Redevelopment Agency is funded through tax increment financing. Currently 3

new redevelopment districts being looked at.

f. There is a shade tree committee. This is important to manage the current trees as

well as make sure there are enough trees to provide shade for the asphalt to

increase its life.

g. It was stated that they want to get people out of cars and on bikes and walking in

order to fix the continued increase in traffic.

h. Historic preservation is a volunteer board. They have long range plans, and it is

funded by the state preservation grants as wells as federal parks and recreation.

i. Board of adjustments is where one can appeal code or decision by the city.

Conditional use permits, school and religious uses, variances in ordinances.

j. A question was asked if the actual site could be visited or neighborhood meetings

regarding issues could be attended. It was stated that the decision on any

development must be made solely from the information provided in the packets

submitted to the committee from the city planners. This is to avoid undue influence.

However, it was stated that the committee members should drive the city and

familiarize themselves with areas.

k. Builders will often hold neighborhood meetings when rezone or PUD is involved.

However, these have not proven to be very helpful. Sometimes the developer

promises things that can’t be delivered.

l. If a development meets the minimum standards, it must be approved.

My opinion is that it is crucial to have the right people on this committee. It is truly a

check and balance for the city employed planners as well as the city council.

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