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Local Government Committee Report

Local Government Committee (LGC) Report Report DATE: 7-16-2023

LGC Reports are a compilation of notes taken at LG meetings, and information shared with the committee from organizations and community members.

Reports do not reflect the official positions of the Bonneville County Republican Party. We encourage the

reader to research information and consider all sides of any issue. The intent of the LGC is to inform

citizens of Bonneville County and encourage them to become involved in all levels of their community and local government.


Dawna Howard, Concerned Citizen's of Idaho Falls, contributor

There are three public hearings for zoning:

1. Hidden Bridge..S Holmes/Higbee between 20th and 22nd Street

2. West of Costco off Lincoln Road Zoned for HC (Commercial)

3. 45th N off 5th E West of Hiway 20 (160 acres)

Remember this all in preparation for 15 minute cities with digital control.

I am going to share a personal story:

I am going to preface this story with; a good share of the new housing being built are AirBnb and short

term housing for interns and are considered "smart" housing.

I was recently on vacation with my family in St. George, UT. We stayed in an AirBnb that was controlled

by the owner using an app on his phone. We were unable to regulate the temperature in the house,

every time we adjusted it to our liking within minutes it was back to the "preferred" temperature set by

City of St. George new build standards and it was mostly too warm for us. Entry was by code ONLY and

several times we had to wait outside in the heat, unable to open the door while the AirBnb owner "reset"

the code for us to gain entry. (we did wait in the AC car while this was done) but if you had an electric car and no battery left then what? It was a 3 bathroom 3 bedroom townhome and only 2 bathrooms had hot water and only at certain times of the day. We took a lot of cool showers, which in the heat was OK. It

was a one car community and we had 2 cars. We had to wait for approval to use the garage, get the

code for use so we could park one car in the driveway and one in the garage. There was "community"

parking but it was not close to our location. There was no parking allowed on the street. We gave this

AirBnb a low rating because of all the "digital" business that interfered with us "enjoying" our home stay.

This is what 15 minute cities are all about. Do you really want to be controlled from the outside by

someone who knows nothing about your lifestyle with digital water/utility meters?




1. Approved- Public hearing- Lincoln Parkway Division No.1, Preliminary Plot-Neighborhood

meeting was held and only the mobile home manager attended. This property is located by

Costco. Traffic study has been completed. 22.8 acres with 20 lots and 19 of those buildable.

Zoned LC mixed use residential and commercial.

2. Approved- Public hearing- Adoption of Based Zoning Code for the area known as South

Downtown. 70 acres bounded by Cliff St, Pancheri, Yellowstone and Snake River. Maintains

historic character which makes sure the forms of the buildings are to a desired style rather

than concentration on the land use. There will be 5 subdistricts of business core, commercial,

historic residential, warehouse and river edge. This will increase taxes for the area, bring

more people and be an area of no autos but instead mass transit, bicycle paths, and sidewalks.

3. Approved- Final plat for area generally known as North of E 17th St, east of June Ave, south of

E 14th St, west of Ponderosa Dr. By Lowes, LZ zone, no traffic study done because of 17th

and the existing light. Will come with a site plan.

4. Approved- Final plat for Anderson Townhomes Division No.1 generally located north of

Anderson St, east of A H Bush Elementary School, south of Science Center Dr, west of N

Boulevard. 1.023 acres.

5. Approved- Final plat for generally located north of MK Simpson Blvd, east of the Snake River,

south of W 33rd N, east of N 5th W. Energy Education Research Center at INL. R&D zoned. 6.62 acres.

6. Approved- Final plat, generally located north of W Sunnyside Rd, east of Snake River Pkwy,

south of Event Center Dr, west of the Snake River. Vacant and not developed

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