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Idaho Falls Public Library

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Idaho Falls Public Library

November 2, 2023 4pm

Reporter H2

My observation of the meeting tonight is how vague the introduction of the topics are. I had to really pay attention to what was being said to pick up on the topic of the “Books”. I would recommend getting the minutes and the names of the attendees of the TwinFalls Meeting. * One of the items that was discussed at Twin Falls was a “Tiered Card System” and it was mentioned by one of the female Library attendees is that the Twin Falls meeting was favorable and a “Lobbiest” gave a “shout out”. Robert the administrator mentioned that Senator Cindy Carlson was a sponsor of last year’s HB314. He also mentioned that he had a long meeting with her and it went well and that he was told that the amount of legislators (I think he said a total of 13) that attended was remarkable because they had other meetings scheduled. Robert also mentioned regarding the Tiered Card System that Legislators want to wait as so not to be compromised. (?). What is this Tiered Card System all about? The two City Board members, Mary Lund and Rod Rapp discussed how the legislators didn’t think most of the books were offensive. Mary Lund is hoping for a compromise from both parties.

*Note: From Cheryl Papke: I went to the Twin Falls Library website and was surprised they did not even have board members or meetings listed that I could find, so no minutes.

I went to IFPL website to find minutes from the meeting of November 2, there was a hot link “to submit a public records request”, to the city of Idaho Falls, that link did not work, and this is what the link took me to: We're sorry, but there is not a web page matching your entry . Thank you to all the reporters that take the time to attend!

Reporter H1

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