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Idaho Falls City Council / Library Discussion

Idaho Falls City Council / Includes Library Discussion

December 14, 2023

Reporter F3


The agenda was as follows:

1.0 Consent of Agenda

2.0 Public Works; 17th St modifications at the corner of 17th St and Holmes; bid awarded

3.0 Mayor’s resolution in support of the Library Board. Apparently, the Library Board has been under fire from patrons about access to public library collections (I am assuming controversial collections, but none identified). Resolution enumerates the value that the library brings to our community, and expresses council support for the Trustees. None of the Trustees were present. Careful discussion making the points that (1) the trustees have put in place rating cards on “questionable books”, (2) that the government is not in the business of choosing what we read, and (3) that the Trustees are not trying to advance a political agenda. The resolution outlines the relationship between the council and the Trustees, supports the Trustees, and educates the public as to normal library operations. It also makes it clear that the council does not choose the books that are in the library. A copy of the resolution was not available, but is on line.

Morale is currently an issue with the Trustees.

4.0 Final Plat approval for Willard Warr addition.

5.0 Annexation of Lots 6-8 of Brookhaven Subdivision No.1; approved.

6.0 Resolution to declare Northgate Mile Railroad Property a public nuisance. Passed. City employees to begin cleanup operations.

7.0 Impact Fee Hearing concerning protest of fees by Skidmore construction on one of their projects.

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