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I Stand by the Platform

by Cheryl Papke

December 19, 2023

Many years ago, A christian woman (democrat) was running for office and I had friends tell me we agree with her on everything but Abortion. That is when I took a deep dive into the Platforms of Democrat Party and Republican Party. I found myself walking away from that exercise saying, "I would never vote for a Democrat". I disagreed with their entire platform. On the flip, I love the Platform of the Republican Party. And no I did not agree with everything that woman stood for, she was running under a Brand. Sadly, most voters have not read the Platforms of both parties, I encourage you all to read them, know why you are a Republican and vote those values. There is a saying "talk is cheap", sweet words mean nothing, it is the actions (or votes) our Legilatures take that matters. Recently at the last election a military guy came in to vote, and dimayed said, "Where are the R's". He was looking for a brand, that means something. My husband sadly could not offer direction, to go to our website for the recommendations, But this highlights the need for the PCO's to have a vehicle, Article XX, where they can get answers on the votes that are cast in our name. The current issues of "Republicans" not coming to dicuss their vote with PCO's who are our neighbors helping us stay informed as a community, saddens me. But this is WHY we must hold our Legislators to the standard they have chosen to run under, the Republican Platform. What's wrong with shining light in the process to help voters? Like the military man mentioned above wants to exercise his right to vote, and being new to the area, needs to know he can trust the "R" and have a place to go for information. We don't tell anyone how to vote but we make known how our elected officials are voting and decisions they are making in our name.

The Article below is excellent:

Republican Legislators & Accountability

Should We Hold Republicans to the Principles of the GOP Platform?

DEC 13, 2023

 I hear over and over how unhappy Idaho voters are with “Representative” Mike Simpson and his liberal voting record–supporting dam removal on the Columbia River, for example, and voting in support of increasing our national debt time after time. A majority of voters don’t hold him accountable–he keeps getting reelected–so wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to call him out for his lack of adherence to Republican principles? What about our state Republican legislators who vote more like Democrats?

During the June 2023 Idaho State GOP Committee meeting, held in Challis, a rule was proposed and passed by a large majority of the attendees to protect the principles of the Idaho Republican Platform. Starting on page 45 (and continuing through page 48):

 “Article XX Section 1: The Idaho Republican Party is a private organization dedicated to the promotion of certain political ideals, primarily by supporting candidates who pledge to support the United States and Idaho Constitutions and the Idaho Republican Party Platform under Article XIII of these Rules. The support from this Party is very beneficial to those who make such a pledge and once elected, keeping that pledge is paramount to the integrity of the Party and the confidence of the voters who elected them. 

Section 2: Without enforcement, the expressed principles of the Party are nothing more than ideals and philosophy. Republican legislators have, at times, defied their pledge and oath, voting on legislative matters substantially contrary to the Party’s expressed platform and constitutional principles. Republican Constitutional officers also have, at times, conducted their offices contrary to Republican and constitutional principles.”

When there is a serious concern about a legislator’s voting record, the process to call for an accounting is outlined in Article XX link below.

Why is it necessary to have this option? Consider the fast-food restaurant Wendy’s. We expect to get burgers, fries and frosties at their establishments. If a franchisee decided to offer beer and pizza, this likely would violate the franchise agreement, and he or she could lose the franchise, because the “brand” agreement was defied. Similarly, when an elected official who claims the Republican “brand” on signage and literature, but consistently votes for more regulations and unreasonable spending, does not protect parental or individual rights, or in other ways breaches the tenets of the Idaho Republican Platform, the local central committee members and legislative committee members have a mechanism to call this legislator to explain his or her votes, if the members choose to do so. 

In Bonneville County this process was recently initiated. Rather than quietly resolve the issues, the local liberal newspaper was notified; instead of handling the concerns in a private manner the matter is out in the public and it fans the flames of division. 

Is it important to protect the Republican “brand”? Does it weaken that brand when several Republicans choose to ignore the principles for which this brand is known? Should candidates with an (R) behind their name on the ballot be authentic Republicans, accountable to the party they claim to support?

Those are a few questions we can ask ourselves. 

The last point in the Preamble of the Idaho Republican Platform states:

We believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating the[ above outlined] ideals into positive and successful principles of government.”

Read the Preamble below I think you will agree the integrity of the Platform is worth preserving.

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Sadly, it wasn’t just liberal newspapers but conservative radio talk shows that bad mouthed the process of holding our representatives feet to the fire. So many wolves in sheep’s clothing. Moderates are killing the Republican Party.

Replying to

I totally agree! There was a total lack of understanding for the process.

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