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Bills in the Home Stretch

Doyle Beck, LD 32 Chair, contributor

The Legislature is close to winding down but there are three more bills still being considered that deserve your attention, as they remain in the process. House Bill 71 would prevent minors from being subjected to gender "transition" procedures, including surgeries and hormone therapies. House Bill 314 would stop public libraries from subjecting students to obscene materials. Both these bills are still being considered by the Senate. Senate Bill 1176, which has passed the House and is on its way to the governor, would continue social justice activities and diversity, equity, and inclusion hiring at our public colleges and universities. If you want to have a say on that one before the governor signs it, go here.

To get more information, and to be more involved, visit our Bill Tracker page where you can search bills by number, testify remotely, and contact your legislators.

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