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BCLD Includes Homeschool Teachers for Free Library Cards!

February 8 2024

Reporter G2

Bonneville County Library Board


Free library cards will be available for all of Bonneville County teachers and families, home school teachers and families and school staff and families.

The programs at the libraries are a huge success. Storytime’s are being even more attended. Classes such as crochet are growing. These programs are enhancing the public awareness of the library.

The Bonneville county libraries will be a liaison for kindergarten roundup.

The libraries are staying very current with new books.

Handicap ramp is now in place in the parking lot.

Need sponsorships for the summer reading program.

There will be a dragon hatching program to go along with the dragon book program.

Watching the library bills in the legislature.

The next meeting is Wednesday, March 13th at 9PM.


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