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Reporter B1

1. Idaho Falls Power- Approved- Resolution Amending the Idaho Falls Power Service Policy

2. Public Works- Approved- Vacation of an easement

3. Community Development Services- Approved-Application for the Final Plat and Reasoned Statement of Relevant Criteria and Standards for Rising Sun Plaza Division No. 1

4. Legislative Public Hearing- Approved- Annexation and Initial Zoning of R2 Mixed Residential Use- 118 .320 acres. This property is north of Sage Lake golf course. The builder had requested an R-1 zoning upon application though the building and zoning department changed the zoning to R-2 in order to be approved. Their reasoning was that it would be more cost effective in bringing in utilities to the development and more compatible to the comprehensive plan of the city. One of the council members commented that they have never seen the developer ask for an R-1 and have the P/Z department change it to an R-2. Both council members Burtenshaw and Freeman opposed the zoning to be an R2 but did approve the annexation.

Note: R-1 is typically for low density residential use, R-2 is to stabilize and protect the residential characteristics of a district where a compatible mingling of single-family dwellings and multi-family dwellings is likely to occur.

5. Municipal Services

a. Impact Fee Hearing- Payment of Impact Fees Under Protest, Southbridge Division 1. There seemed to be a dispute between the builder and the city as to the classification of the development whether it be single family residences or multi. This classification affects the impact fees charged. The request for a protest was denied and the fee schedule remained.

b. Impact Fee Hearing- Appeal of Impact Fee Certification, Sayer Nissan New Dealership Sales and Service. A discrepancy has arisen as to the breakdown of the property and resulting fees charged. Sayer Nissan felt that the development was a mixture of industrial, retail and office space. The impact fee as originally charged was $132,000. Sayer Nissan request would be a fee of $53,000 if so approved. Much discussion ensued as to the definition of industrial use. It was decided by all council members but Burtenshaw and Radford that the legal definition of industrial did not apply to any area of Sayer Nissan. The final outcome was that the development could be divided into office/retail and no industrial area as per what was determined to fit the legal definition at their disposal.


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