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Health Education Funding Bill

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Jilene Burger, LD 33 Chair, contributor

Growing Government

Rigby Rep. Rod Furniss and Lewiston Rep. Lori McCann partnered together to push House Bill 313, which would require the state to fund tampon distribution machines in every female restroom at all public schools in Idaho. This means state-funded tampon machines in every public school female bathroom statewide. Isn’t this something that the private sector should take care of?

Medical Education Funding

On Thursday, Mar 16, the Idaho House debated Senate Bill 1147, a budget bill that appropriates

$27,215,100 and 44.65 full-time positions to Health Education Programs for fiscal year 2024. Health Education Programs include medical training through the WWAMI program, a multi-state collaborative with the University of Washington Medical School. There is concern that state funds being spent on the WWAMI program would constitute a violation of Idaho’s No Public Funds for Abortion Act.

School Choice

A school choice bill that allows money to follow students to the school of their choice has passed a legislative chamber. Senate Bill 1161 would expand the Empowering Parents grant program to add a tuition grant component, giving up to 2,000 students $6,000 per year that they could use to offset the cost of tuition at a nonpublic school or to hire a certified teacher. The vote was close: 19-15-1. It goes to the House Education Committee.

Indecent Material in Schools

House Bill 314 came out with a Do Pass recommendation. Filed for second reading.

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