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Eye on the IF City Council

Idaho Falls City Council Meeting

Reporter: F3

Date:  8 Feb 2024   7:30 p.m

We will begin with Reporter F3’s personal Comments. 

Let me Preface Reporter F3’s comments: 

From a Local Government Perspective, it takes many voices to counter changes “We the People” see and do not like.  Contact us and join our network of individuals going out and “observing” Bonneville Government in Action.  Help us inform citizens.  YOUR VOTE AND VOICE COUNT.  Why don’t our Republican Representatives support our Values in the Platform?

From:  Reporter F3

I am very concerned about the direction the Planning and Zoning Commission is taking relative to approving new subdivisions. Every meeting I have attended, there is an item to approve a final plat. Everyone I have seen is for a very condensed, high-density apartment complex or highly compacted townhomes, etc. I am afraid that our city and county are losing their character and heritage buy building such areas. I am also afraid that the occupants, largely moving here from out-of-state, don’t possess our values, and are voting Democrat. The Council essentially rubber-stamps these items when presented, with little or no debate. I am assuming therefore that we need to meet this head -on by challenging this at the planning and zoning meetings, and challenging their property development procedures that encourage this. In my area alone, Fairway Estates, we have no fewer than six of these complexes, and more under construction.

Also, I am concerned about the local politicians being able to operate in their positions and run for office and not declare a party affiliation, so citizens that are voting can at least form some form of an opinion on where the candidate stands. I know this is state law, but I would love to see our Republican leaders get it reversed. I know why they do it. If you are a Democrat or RINO in this state, odds are you will never be elected, or will have problems getting elected or garnering any support. I believe this is gutless. I am a proud conservative constitutional Republican, and I am not afraid to admit it---anywhere---anytime. If they are so convinced that their ideas and methods are superior to mine, or Republicans, and are better for our state or our country, then let them say it. Put a “(D)” behind your name, and make your case.



The agenda was as follows:

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Pledge of Allegiance

3.0 Consent of Agenda

4.0 Public Comment: One gentleman questioning the cost of painting and decaling the gym floor of the Recreation Center which is about to be refinished. Explanation was that sponsors will pay the cost. Some have already been identified. The work is discussed in subsequent section.

5.0 Consent Mayor Agenda:

5.1 Mayoral appointments to committees and commissions pursuant to law. No discussion

5.2 Municipal Services; Quote for purchase of Replacement Crack Sealer for Public Works. Approved with no discussion.

5.3 Idaho Falls Power; Gem State Vault Toilet-Precast, bid tabulation. Approved with no discussion.

5.4 Idaho Falls Power; Bid for Recloser Switch, bid tabulation. Approved with no discussion.

5.5 Public Works; Bid award for North Highland Park Concrete Improvements. Approved with no discussion.

5.6 Bid Award for Jefferson Ave Water Line Replacement from Science Center Drive to Micro St. Approved with no discussion.

5.7 Office of the City Clerk; Approval of minutes from City Council meetings. Approved with no discussion.

6.0 Regular Agenda:

6.1 Final Plat and Development Agreement for Sand Creek Estates Division No. 2. Approved with no discussion.

6.2 Addition to Public Works Fleet; one John Deere 60 P Mini-excavator for $124,987. Approved with no discussion.

6.3 Idaho Falls Power solicited for request the best qualified company to build a peaking plant. ESI response considered the best one. Contract amount for $25 million. Discussion ensued about the plant using natural gas and not being a “green plant” and therefore not producing carbon emissions. Commissioner Radford expressing the most concern. At one time he stated he would not support, but is supporting now. The plant can be configured in the future to burn hydrogen. I did not realize that our local leaders had bought into this extreme agenda, which is disappointing. Project approved and is proceeding.

6.4 Tautphaus Park Tennis Court re-construction project; amount is roughly $475,000. Sourcewell chosen in a competitive bid process. Approved with no discussion. Apparently the concrete there is in very poor shape.

6.5 Sole Source Bid for the project to demolish and re-construct and re-finish the Idaho Falls Recreation center wooden court floor. Floor is extremely old and needs to be replaced. Has several flaws and soft spots in the current floor. Cost is about $190,00. Sponsors will help with the costs. Approved with very little discussion.

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