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Will We Protect Our Children?

Doyle Beck, contributor

Some quick notes on legislation making their way through the Idaho Statehouse:

House Bill 71, which would prohibit surgeries and hormone therapies on children, is set to be heard in the House on Tuesday.

Senate Bill 1038, which would create a universal education savings account, allowing K-12 students to attend the school of their choice, is expected to be considered by the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday at 3 p.m. Don’t forget that you can sign up to testify on this legislation by going to and clicking on the link for the Senate Education Committee.

I’ve been watching Senate Bill 1057, because it would require cell phones and tablets sold in Idaho to have an internet filter installed to prevent kids from accessing bad stuff online. The problem with this legislation is that it puts government in charge of our kids instead of parents. Here’s Idaho Freedom Foundation’s analysis of the legislation. Here’s what Trent Clark (former IACI chairman) had to say in support of it.

House Bill 24, which would send $8,500 to every high school graduate who signs up for for training for “in demand” careers is awaiting a hearing in the Senate. It passed the House 36-34. The Idaho Freedom Foundation opposes it and IACI supports it. My understanding is that the Senate GOP is caucusing on the bill Tuesday and that a hearing in the Senate Commerce Committee will follow at some point.

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