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Multi-Use Restrooms & More

A North Idaho contractor was asked to allow men into women's restrooms in order to sign a Bonner County Solid Waste public works contract. Yes, I am serious. This is the result of an Obama era executive order. My Senate Bill 1016 has passed the senate 28-7 (all Republicans in favor, all Democrats against). We have a hearing on it in the House State Affairs committee on Monday morning and hope to see it pass the House and be signed into law.

It will prevent Idaho counties, cities and public agencies from requiring public works contractors to accommodate people in multi-use restrooms, shower rooms and locker rooms on any basis other than biological sex.

This applies only to the facilities owned or controlled by the contractor - in other words, jobsite facilities or facilities at the contractor's own shop or buildings he owns.

4) My Senate Bill 1036 passed the Senate unanimously and is over in the House. It removed 2/3 of the detailed regulations on raw milk production - regulations that were outdated, and the bill removes a criminal penalty from violations of the raw milk statute and replaces it with a civil penalty.

There is no need for the government to be heavy handed with raw milk sales. As I've said, for thousands of years of human history, raw milk was just called "milk". I actually had good cooperation from the Idaho Dairyman's Association on this bill (they represent the traditional Grade A dairies, which is a huge industry in Idaho).

5) My Senate Bill 1005 will require licensed daycare facilities to disclose Idaho's vaccine exemptions (you can exempt your child from vaccine requirements for Medical, religious or any other reason) any time the daycare facilities communicate to parents about the vaccine requirements. The bill is now over in the House. Transparency is always good. SB 1005 passed the senate 35-0.

I ran this bill with the ladies at Health Freedom Idaho, whom I have known for years.

More are coming.

My marriage license repeal bill will likely be up on the senate floor next week - yes, it will actually eliminate marriage licensing in Idaho and replace it with a marriage certificate as a recording of the marriage. The bill is Senate Bill 1025.

I have two CPS related bills underway. We have a hearing on House Bill 66 today at 1:30 PM MST in House Judiciary and Rules. The bill will make it a misdemeanor crime to knowingly file a false report alleging child abuse, neglect or abandonment.

My Senate Bill 1106 will require the department of health and welfare to notify parents being investigated by Child Protective Services (CPS) of their legal rights in a CPS investigation. These rights include:

(a) Refuse to answer questions;

(b) Consult with an attorney and have an attorney present during an in investigation;

(c) Refuse entry to their home or other real property; and

(d) Refuse the questioning of any minor children in their home or on their property, unless there is an order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction authorizing a particular entry or particular questioning or examination.

We passed a similar bill in the Idaho House in 2019, but it died in the Senate. This year the department is in agreement with the bill, and the Fraternal Order of Police are neutral, though they see no problem with the bill.

I am carrying other legislation regarding informed consent for medical care at public health districts, election integrity, and there are now bills preventing library porn to minors, transgender surgery on minors and a bathroom bill protecting our public schools from having to allow biological males in female restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa.

I will cover these in my next newsletter this Sunday, and then I will have an Idaho budget update the middle of next week.

Monday, I will update you on my enhanced Stand Your Ground bill, Senate Bill 1004. We have 33 co-sponsors - fully 32% of the Idaho Legislature, and now we want Senator Jim Guthrie to give it a hearing in Senate State Affairs. If you want to write him, please be kind, tell him you are a citizen co-sponsor of the bill and want him to schedule a hearing for SB 1004.

Thank you!

In liberty,


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