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Bills to be heard this week

Doyle Beck, LD 32, contributor

I just wanted to remind everyone that House Bill 71, which would prohibit medical procedures intended to alter children's sex characteristics, is up for a hearing in the House Judiciary and Rules Committee on Tuesday at 1:30 pm. You can look at the bill here. Remote testimony is being accepted so you don't need to drive all the way to Boise if you want to be heard. Simply click this link to have your say.

House Bill 24, which would create a grant program for Idaho high school seniors, passed the House today by just two votes. It moves to the Senate now. The Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry is for it, and the Idaho Freedom Foundation is against it.

Finally, I'm told that a universal school choice will will be heard in the Senate Education Committee a week from Tuesday. Read the bill here. As I mentioned before, a lot of public school groups like the teachers union and school boards are against it, but it has a lot of support from conservative organizations and parent groups.



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