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Senate Introduces Universal School Choice Bill

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

An update on a couple of fronts: The Senate Education Committee has finally introduced a universal school choice bill. The Idaho Freedom Foundation is in favor of it, and you can read the organization’s articles on the subject. There’s also a six minute video you can watch that provides a more personal perspective. The proposal is Senate Bill 1038.

On the other hand, Idaho Business for Education has written extensively in opposition, the most recent and comprehensive of the organization’s positions was posted online this week. It’s important that you consider the pros and cons of education choice, and let your lawmakers know your opinions.

Last week, I wrote about House Bill 24. This is the bill that would create a scholarship program for all Idaho high school seniors, in the amount of $8,500. It has passed the House Education Committee and is on the way to debate on the House floor. Here, you can watch the video of testimony from the Idaho Freedom Foundation, in opposition, and the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, in support.

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