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New County Prosecutor Promises Change

Report from Concerned Citizens of Idaho Falls (CCIF) July 26, 2022 meeting

Held at Franklin's Cheesesteaks, Randy Neal, guest speaker.

We held an informal round table, speaking freely amongst each other.

1. Randy is planning on transparency of judges to be added to the FB website- Bonneville County

Prosecuting Attorney- That information will include lawyer recommendations vs. judge’s

decision. He promises to bring awareness to the community regarding judge rulings and vows to

make punishments fit the crime.

2. Judges usually resign before they come up for vote on the ballot, which then leaves the spot

being filled by judicial council. Judicial council is a Governor appointed board. The group expressed concerns that it appears Idaho Falls has very few, if any, conservative/constitutional judges.

3. The budget is low in that office because the county tries to keep taxes low. There is an entry

level lawyer shortage throughout the entire state.

CCIF meets twice monthly at 170 Elm St., Idaho Falls, ID, on the the 3rd and 4th Tuesday

(Note: the submitted report does not necessarily reflect the views of the BCRCC and are for informational purposes only. We encourage all citizens to be actively involved and informed in local government activities. Visit our Contact page for links to local government information.)

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