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Citizens Show Up to Stop Growth in Ammon

The Ammon P & Z hearing, held at Hillcrest High School, was well attended, and saw over 70 people testifying against Flagship homes. People were concerned that schools would be overwhelmed, taxes would go up, and the Ammon culture destroyed.

At nearly midnight, the P & Z commission, appointed by the city council and mayor, unanimously voted to turn down the Flagship Homes development. Now the city council will vote on the matter, and will, in all likelihood, reject the annexation proposal. It's not quite over, but last night's results are a huge step in defeating this giant development. Please attend your city council meetings and let your voice be heard.

Congratulations to the citizen groups who organized to oppose Flagship homes. You did your homework and you showed up! Many individuals turned up, as well.

If you are interested in participating in the Local Government Committee of the Bonneville County Republican Party, please contact Beverly at We need a large committee to track what is happening in our city, county, and school boards, and help keep Bonneville County citizens informed on important issues.

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