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2023 Legislature Begins!

Submitted by Doyle Beck, Legislative District Chair #32

GOP & Friends,

Once again, we find ourselves at the start of a new legislative session, with new priorities, controversies, and opportunities. Over the next several weeks, my hope is to help you stay informed and engaged in the legislative process. I find that the work of the state Legislature is as important as that of Congress. And good news – your members of the state Legislature are easier to get ahold of in order to voice your opinions.

On Monday, Gov. Brad Little unveiled his legislative priorities and the spending blueprint for the state of Idaho. I encourage you to read his speech. More importantly, however, is that you look at the governor’s budget. This is a long document, but it is easy to understand once you spend time with it. You’ll see what state agencies are spending, what they’ve requested, and what the governor recommends. This is the book from which legislative budget writers will spend our money.

There is an argument that the state’s budget-setting process is not transparent or public enough. This is our chance to shift the tide a bit toward more public engagement and input in the decisions about which programs receive funding and at what level.

As the legislative session goes on, I plan to share with you key topics, and positions of organizations that follow the Legislature including the Idaho Freedom Foundation, Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, and the Idaho Education Association, among others. My goal is for you to be involved, to help shape the outcome so that our Republican values are represented by area lawmakers.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to share them.

You can view the 2023 Idaho Legislative Budget Book here:

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