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Homegrown Victory for Property Owners Nationwide

By Charles Finance

On May 25, 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Sackett v. Environmental Protection

Agency (EPA) in favor of plaintiffs Michael and Chantelle Sacket of Idaho. Chairwoman Dorothy Moon, IDGOP writes, “The Sacketts, a couple from Priest Lake, Idaho, purchased their land in 2004, and began construction on their home in 2007. They found themselves in a

frustrating predicament when in 2007 the EPA issued a compliance order, alleging that their property contained wetlands and thus fell under the purview of the Clean Water Act.

The agency claimed that the Sacketts had violated federal law by commencing construction on their lot without obtaining the necessary permits. This order effectively prevented the Sacketts from using their own land for over 15 years and left them with no recourse but to comply or face severe penalties.” (see “Property Rights Victory” under “Recent Articles” at

This Supreme Court ruling was a significant conservative victory for all property owners across

the United States. It clarified limits on the federal government preventing federal overreach into what belongs to private property owners. This exemplifies the essence of conservatism: to

preserve and protect the freedoms and liberties of citizens from government encroachment.

Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador was one of twelve AG’s who backed this lawsuit on

behalf of the Sackett’s, and by legal extension, all U.S. citizens. Unlike his predecessor who

defined his job as “to help the governor find ways to legally do what he needs to,” Labrador

understood – and acted – in his true role: to protect citizen rights guaranteed in the U.S. and

Idaho State Constitution.

This homegrown victory is more than an excellent example of the practical application of the

conservative approach to law and government. It is a fresh reminder to us of how we can

evaluate all individuals holding any office of public service. Do they act to protect and uphold

the rights and liberties of the whole citizenry, as Attorney General Labrador did? Or, do their

actions betray a desire to shape society to their own personal visions? Or to build power and

wealth for themselves, with little regard for the rights of the citizens they are elected to serve?

“By their fruits, ye shall know them.” After only five months in office, Attorney General

Labrador has borne exemplary fruits. He has also reminded us of the power of conservative

government for all citizens in Idaho and our nation. Perhaps most importantly for us, it is a

reminder of our power at the polls. In one of the most conservative regions of the United States, we should all continue to elect and support those who bear similar examples while doing what we all do with bad fruit. Get rid of it and uproot the tree that bore it.

Charles serves as an elected Precinct Committee Officer for Bonneville County

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