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32,000 acre Wind Project Passes

Local Government Committee (LGC) Report

LGC Reports are a compilation of notes taken at LG meetings, and information shared with the LGC.

Reports do not reflect the official positions of the Bonneville County Republican Party. We encourage the reader to research information and consider all sides of any issue. The intent of the LGC is to inform citizens of Bonneville County and encourage them to become involved in all levels of their community.



Wind Project

There is to be only one hearing unless there is an appeal.

Project will encompass 32,000 acres in Bingham and Bonneville counties beginning 13 miles west of

Idaho Falls and extending across both sides of Highway 20 to the edge of INL near East Butte. Bonneville

is slated to have 115 windmills and no solar while Bingham will have the solar plus windmills. The area

was picked for its remoteness and wind capabilities. It will impact 15 landowners. The land is currently

used for agriculture and grazing. The windmills will be taller than those currently in the foothills

surrounding Idaho Falls. As a result of their height, they can be less densely placed. Affected farmers expressed their support.

It is estimated the project will supply enough power for 80,000 to 100,000 homes. The power will be

sold to Rocky Mountain Power and Idaho Power. Mr. Green cites an employment benefit that will create

200 construction jobs and an additional 800 indirect jobs during the construction phase. The project is

slated to begin in 2023 and is estimated to be completed and fully operational by 2025.

Since an area of the land encompasses the Wasden Caves, a presentation was made by the

archaeologist regarding her concerns for damage to them. She is working with the project on a

compromise to ensure they are preserved.

Several surrounding landowners also presented their very emotional concerns regarding the visual

impact. Some have been on their land for many years and did not want the rural atmosphere obstructed

by this project.

The project was unanimously passed by the entire board.


1. Several properties were approved to be annexed and zoned to the city

a. Limited commercial for 13 acres located north of Heyrend Way, east of Snake River,

south of W 49 th S, west of S Yellowstone Hwy

b. Zoned for R3, multiple dwelling residential, located north of E 49 th , east of N 5 th E, south

of E 65 th N, west of 15 th E.

c. Zoned R&D, Research and Development, located north of MK Simpson Blvd, east of the

Snake River, south of W 33 rd N, west of N 5 th W

Legal descriptions are part of the minutes viewable at the city planning commission minutes

2. Rezone .325 acres from P. Parks and Open Space to I&M, Industrial and Manufacturing, located

north or E Anderson St, east of N Boulevard, south of Technology Dr, west of Boge Ave. This is

already city owned property. Rezoned to enhance development.

3. Amendment changes and clarifications were submitted by the zoning dept. These were

housekeeping items related to zoning ordinances. There seems to be some ongoing discussion

between the city planning dept and zoning as to what an R1 and R2 zoning classification is.

There was talk of future developments which would include businesses downstairs and

residential living upstairs. There are landscaping requirements for commercial development

areas regarding 1 tree per 5000 sq ft and 2 shrubs per tree. Requirements for the number of

parking spaces as well. There was discussion that a home-based business must be operated by

the homeowner. Discussion was given if the homeowner becomes ill such as in a daycare

situation, single employee would be okay to run it. The changes were approved with a couple of

exemptions. Refer to minutes at the city for


4. Final plat for Sparrow Hill was discussed. Located north of Strawberry Pl, east of Merlin Ct, south

of Madison Ave, west of Delaware Ave. Plat will be done in phases.

5. Final plat for Terrace Gate Apartments & Barnwood Estates, located north of W 17 th S, east of

Grizzly Ave, south of Pancheri Dr, west of S Skyline D. Townhomes and apartments. PUD in

apartments. Seven 3 story bldgs. Southern portion will be townhomes.

6. Final plat for Energy Plaza Division No. 2, located north of DOE Pl, east of Energy Pl, south of

Energy Dr, west of US Hwy 20. This was approved.

7. Final plat for Amerigas Propane Division No 1 Extension, located north of E Anderson St, east of

N Holmes Ave, south of Pop Kroll Way, west of Hemmert Ave. Extension for final plat was


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