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Welcome Corps Presentation

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This was a presentation given by 2 private individuals Erika Mittermaier and Jeremiah Pink

This is a way for private individuals to help refugee asylum seekers to be able to enter the United States through private donations. They form a private sponsorship group. It is overseen by the Dept of State and the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. It has become necessary for private sponsorships since the government has become overwhelmed especially due to Afghanistan pull out and Ukraine. The current refugees needing help are from the sub-Sahara area.

These are fully vetted refugees that are escaping war, persecution, natural disasters, etc.

There are 7 refugees in this program in Idaho Falls so far. They came through the Welcome Corps program and Bridge Builders. They are doing extremely well with employment and education.

Sponsors are paired with refugees who have opted into the program. The function of the sponsors is to provide finance and employment, housing and transportation, benefits and healthcare, clothing, ESL, groceries, school supplies, etc. It is estimated that $2425 is needed per refugee and that in 90 days they will become self-sufficient.

Sponsors will have a background check and need to complete an essential training program.

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