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Lies and bias continue from media, Democrats

Post Register article submitted by ANDREW RUSSELL Republican columnist, BCRCC

It’s no secret that conservative Republicans feel that their points of view are marginalized by the media today — and, heck, it’s no wonder too. The editors of this very newspaper published an editorial a few weeks back unabashedly bashing the Republican Party and our annual fundraiser event. Are we really supposed to believe their paper is unbiased? Individual bias and organizational bias are universal, and we shouldn’t shy away from them. Everyone, without exception, has varying levels of bias, and that’s a good thing — it reflects diversity of experiences and convictions. The problem is when individuals and organizations deny their bias and try to gaslight us into believing they are objective. It’s a form of lying, and it causes friction and contention. If you believe something, own it. I hope that my own bias is clear — I’m an outspoken conservative Republican. Personally, I am thrilled about the local Republican Party’s upcoming Lincoln Day Gala on April 15. The prospect of meeting and hearing in-person from two people who have been the target of biased media — Kyle Rittenhouse and Dr. James Lindsay — resonates with me. Perhaps it is because I have seen the media lie so much to me about the things that are important to me. How does the media lie? By framing publications as “unbiased” and “objective” while leaving out certain key details and focusing instead on other details of stories without essential context. For example, in the recent editorial published by the Post Register editorial board, comprised of the paper’s top editors, they mocked the official Republican Party, our Lincoln Day Gala fundraiser and our past and present speakers. They accused Candace Owens of promoting Russian propaganda for tweets she made, but they left out what she had tweeted — that it is appalling to discriminate against Russians, that “those calling for Russian students opera singers, etc to be banned are the kind of scum who would have demanded the Japanese internment.” In that same article, editors of the Post Register attack James O’Keefe, calling him “a political activist and provocateur who founded the far-right activist group Project Veritas which uses deceptive editing techniques to attack mainstream media organizations.” All this just a couple weeks after O’Keefe’s organization exposed Pfizer for exploring directed evolution science to create mutations of the COVID-19 virus in order to develop and sell vaccines for them, according to the high-ranking Pfizer employee’s own admission on hidden camera. The editors conveniently left this recent news out of their editorial — it must not have fit the way they wanted to portray O’Keefe.

The upcoming Lincoln Day Gala will be an incredible event. Kyle Rittenhouse will come to personally share about the left’s ongoing effort to ruin his life in a variety of ways, including slander in the media and lawsuits in the courts. James Lindsay will come to share about the left’s ongoing effort to push left-wing narratives in the name of “education” and “science.” The gala will be bursting at the seams with patriotism and love for our Constitution. If you want to learn more about it, go to the party’s website, The mainstream media and local Democratic Party have chosen to publicly attack the Republican Party, our Lincoln Day Gala, and our speakers. Here’s the question you have to ask yourself: Why? Andrew Russell is the youth committee person for the Bonneville County Republican Party.

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