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Idaho Falls City Council Meeting

Idaho Falls City Council Meeting

25 January 2024; 7:30 p.m.

Reporter: F3                                             


The agenda was as follows:

1.0    Call to Order

2.0    Pledge of Allegiance

3.0    Consent of Agenda

4.0    Public Comment:  None presented at this time.

5.0    Office of the Mayor Agenda: 

5.1    Mayoral appointments to committees and commissions pursuant to law.  No discussion

5.2    Extension of Downtown Parking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Downtown Development Corp. and the City.  No discussion.

5.3    Purchase of disconnect switches for York Substation Upgrade.  Approved with no discussion.

5.4    Bid award for Meppen Canal Trail on 25th East.  No discussion.

5.5    Treasurers report and November bank reconciliation summary.  No discussion.


6.0   Regular Agenda:

            6.1   Purchase of main line water materials and parts for  Public Works for $ 1.2 million .  No discussion.

            6.2   City of Idaho Falls four- stop elevator that meets  ADA requirements in the City Hall Building on west side of the building.  Resin Architecture to provide design and other professional services as they have experience with historical building requirements.  Construction bid package has been issued.  Lowest bid provided by Ormond Construction for $964,800.  Discussion centered on providing handicap access to that side of the building being very appropriate and overdue.

            6.3   Signature of Right-of-Way plat for Holmes Ave and John Adams parkway.  Plat was approved.  No discussion.

            6.4   MOU for Strategic Initiatives Grant with Idaho DOT for improvements to Pancheri Bridge.  The grant was for $3.45 million to include girder repair, beam seats, and deck rehabilitation.  Approved with some discussion about maintaining traffic flow across the bridge while under construction.

            6.5  Final Plat and Development approval for Stone Creek Estates Division 4.  No discussion. 

            6.6   Final Plat and Development Agreement for Barnwood Estates Townhomes.  Planning and Zoning has recommended approval.  Approved with no discussion.

            6.7   Final Plat and Quasi-Judicial Hearing for Planned Unit Development (PUD) for Falcon Crest Estates.  Current City PUD’s call for “…efficient use of land space…”  and …”limiting sprawl…”  Approved with an amendment to include eight foot perimeter fences instead of six foot perimeter fences.  No extensive discussion beyond the fence.  The final plat and development agreement for Falcon States Estates also approved.

            6.8  Public Hearing on annexation and initial zoning  for 0.258 acres in the SE ¼ Section of Section 23, Township 2 North, Range 37 East. Planning and Zoning has already approved.  Parcel is to be used to widen Pioneer Road.  Approval with no discussion.


7.0   Consent Agenda:

            No items.

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